Teri & Mark

Mark Tracy was referred to us by our daughter, who knows him through their respective children. 

As life-time renters, and first-time home buyers new to the area, we were very apprehensive about the whole home buying process. 

Mark quickly made us feel comfortable, explained the process in terms we could understand and helped us navigate this complicated maze of paperwork and legalese. All the documents were electronically sent and very simple to sign and initial.

Mark is very personable and professional.  His expertise has come from years of local real estate experience, and networking in that market.  He has a very comprehensive list of resources for nearly every need!

His friendly, relaxed approach put us at ease and we felt we could trust his judgement and his team’s as well. 

We highly recommend Mark Tracy as your real estate guru!


Occasionally sends blank emails, but what-the-hey!?

Even though he is mild mannered, he will fiercely work to get you the greatest price EVER!

He works round the clock and is willing to show any house in the world to you!

Mark will WORK for YOU!!

— Teri Borchers & Mark Jumisko